Here at Velocity we aim to bring you quality parts for your builds from the top manufacturers. Whatever your needs may be, whether you're into cars or trucks we're here to help you.

Wheel Pros

Wheels are as much about making a statement as they are about taking you places you have never been before.

Moto Metal

Moto Metal wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals.


The Helo brand offers excellent value in its diverse product line, with fitments suitable for passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.


Quality street performance wheels.


KMC is redefining performance on and off the asphalt with innovation, style, and a relentless pursuit to confront possibility.

RTX Wheels

The RTX Wheels line started in 2003 with a selection of 3 models. Over the years, with the different technological innovations and following the market trends, RTX Wheels diversified its offering to the level we now know. RTXwheels is proud to offer the broadest selection of alloy wheels on the Canadian market with over 120 models available.


The original classic series of RTX Wheels. With more than 60 models available.


The R-SPEC line offers wheels at the forefront of technology, larger wheels, bright color finishes, staggered options and sports cars applications.

OR Off Road

Engineered for truck applications, this series features all the wheels for pickup trucks and SUVs.


Offering a vast selection of replica wheels, this series offers great solutions for winter wheels and OEM-like rims

Ultra Wheels

Whether you’re looking at our Truck and Off-Road wheels, our high end Platinum line-up, or our trend setting Focal designs, Ultra Wheel is Championship-Caliber and Quality.

Ultra Wheels

Performance Wheels


Street Wheels


Truck Wheels

Walker Evans

Street, Race and UTV Wheels.

American Racing

From performance on the track to bravado on the street, there has been one constant - innovation. It pushes everything we do. With decades of heritage in American motorsports across every discipline, every turn of an American Racing wheel proves one simple thing, we're never idle.

Fuel Off Road

Fuel Off-Road manufactures the most advanced off-road wheels, offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market.

Grid Offroad

The wheel you need for when your mission is to go off the grid! Satisfying your off-road needs in style!

Misc. Wheels

We recently snagged a new supplier and these are some of the wheel brands that they can supply us with!

There will be no refunds or exchange on mounted wheels.
There will be no refunds or exchange on special order wheels