Dash Cameras

270° of Surveillance Protect Your Investment

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Momento M4 Dual Dash Cam

720p Front Camera
480p Rear Camera
3.5" LCD Screen with Interactive Touch
16GB Memory Card

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Momento M5 Dual Dash Cam

1080p Front Camera
720p Rear Camera
3.5" LCD Interactive Touch Screen
32GB Memory Card
GPS Antenna Included

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Momento protects you while you're driving and while you're parked.
Momento uses looping technology to constantly record activity and overwrite older footage.
If your moment detects impact, it will save the footage in a separate folder so it won't be overwritten.
Momento protects you even when your vehicle is parked. They have a built-in motion sensors that start recording before & after something happens around your vehicle.
Momento dash cams are compatible with 100% of vehicles.